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Bulls and bears in Crypto market -AI Trend Forecasting ( 6 Jan TO 5 Feb 2023)


Hello and welcome 
we see good bullish movement in the crypto market last week , and in the article we will try  to estimate the next expected movement using our AI Software ( CryptoPoints)
in the image below ( Forecasted trend for BTC  From 6 JAN TO 5 FEB ) We note the following Points :
1- the crypto market tends to make a top on dates around 13 JAN 2023 ( PLUS / MINUS) 3 Days 
2- after the will continue down trend till 5 Feb 2023 
3- we will update the Forecasting after 5 Feb 2023 
4- the Forecasting area is between the 2 red lines ( 6 Jan to 5 Feb 2023)
Click on the image to enlarge it 


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